Patterns And Asks Left And Right, With Innovative Iterations Kinda, Sorta, Somewhat In Sight

by Ben WisemanIllustration by Ben Wiseman

I published an article on Medium last week entitled, Understanding Snowflakes, Wheels, and Innovation.

The gist of the five-minute read is pretty straight-forward: smart modern day product teams aren’t slaving through 12 hour days within a high-cost, iterative gestation process in the pursuit of a “born perfect” entry to market; they’re most likely stitching together an experience based on a saturated market’s best practice patterns (think: regenerative braking in an electric car, or access to apps for smartphones).

Only once the business deems the market viable will a deep investment in major differentiators begin.

None of that is news to product teams, but what I’m discovering in my first B2B enterprise software rodeo is that the sales variable is much more influential than I had understood when breaking into the space six months ago. From shipping expectations to requirements definition to even the definition of the interaction model itself, sales greatly influences product across the board.

This reality has me attempting to work out an equation to immediately support ever-spawning sales profit arteries while nurturing an innovative and iterative product design culture, one that will have much more impact on our end users the farther we go down the line.

A brave new world. Interesting stuff.