sculpture by Robert Coon
sculpture by Robert Coon

My name is Sean Patrick Coon, and professionally speaking, I lead, scale, and operationalize design organizations. My primary spike is in system design; I tackle impactful ecosystems with design strategy—defining, framing, and executing upon opportunities found in the intersection between human needs and business value.

I’m also an illustrator, a writer, a Big Brother and at one point in my life, a pretty decent pick-up basketball player.

I earned my BFA from Syracuse University in Advertising Design, and rather immediately pivoted to begin my career as a visual artist in multimedia gaming in the metropolitan NYC area. After eight published titles and with game development drying up on the east coast, I transitioned to an internet agency as their first interactive art director just as the internet became mainstream accessible. Over the following decade I moved about, working with both internal product teams and digital agencies in practically every hands-on role under the umbrella of the yet-to-be-coined practice of user experience design.

After scaling a UX team in FinTech in 2005, I left NYC to start my own design studio in Greensboro, NC. For the next 10 years I consulted and collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and small businesses alike on projects ranging from the ground up design of a big media CMS platform to a project mapping application for a global financing institution.

In 2016, Elizabeth and I moved to Seattle. I’ve since joined 98point6 to lead design and research, tackling deep technology as a means to augment the provision of care in the virtual health space.

I’m using this domain to write long-format content centered around design thinking, product concepts, industry observations and reviews of brand/client/user experiences out in the wild. Also included are posts that were published on my previous blogs going back to 1999, which cover politics, technology, design and citizen (pre-social) media.

If you’d like to read about my work, available case studies are found as posts in the featured projects section of my CV. If you’re interested in deeper context, reach out to me on LinkedIn.