Hello! I’m Sean Patrick Coon.

As an unpaid writer circling around longer format expressions, I keep the bill collector at bay as a product design & research leader in tech. I also have an eye on returning to painting as my design leadership career winds down.

If I can wrestle these artistic pursuits into existence, I’m hopeful they’ll take me into the great beyond with an expressive soul completely at rest.

I’m also a mentor, a narrative junkie, a lover of live music and a taker of long walks.

Early in my career, I cut my teeth in interactive as a visual artist and game designer in the metropolitan NYC area. Eight published titles deep, I made the leap to a fledgling marketing agency as their first interactive art director just as the internet became mainstream accessible.

Over the following decade I moved about, working on internal product teams, with digital agencies and at 29, in an executive role in a management consultant capacity. I had served in every hands on role under the umbrella of the yet-to-be-coined practice of user experience design.

I’ve been designing humane experiences in tech for a long time; I’ve been leading teams for almost as long.

I left NYC for North Carolina in 2005 and executive produced a three year long volunteer-driven project that birthed 40+ live albums and music videos of original musicians across the Carolinas. I also started a collaborative publication to capture stories from the streets of Greensboro by providing access to our homeless population. As I attempted to build and give back to community, I ran a small design studio, managing a team spread far across the ends of the U.S. to impact small and large companies, alike.

I met many wonderful people down south, and reset my core to properly reapproach the corporate world.

After my divorce in 2019, I looked inward, coming to terms with childhood trauma that had shackled me in a number of ways as an adult. Emotional sobriety has been a surprise blessing in my mid-life—I’ve become more discerning in my words and actions, highly present in the moment and grateful for each moment I have on this earth.

I use this blog to share perspectives on what moves me, though I’ve been publishing less and less since the rise of social media and long-format platforms.

Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn.

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