The Poem Is Still Unfinished

The universe is a poem
Even the language tells us the universe is a poem
Uni means one; verse means poem
The entire universe is a poem

So what does that make us?

We’re lines in this poem
We’re metaphors and similes in this poem of the universe
And all of these lines engaging with each other
Contrasting each other
Complimenting each other
To create the grand poem
The universe

Even in the spiritual traditions what we find is the divine power speaking the universe into existence
In the Christian tradition we have, “Let there be light”
In the Islamic tradition we have. “Kum faya kum,” where God is saying “Be and it is”
In the Aramaic we have, “Ebrah k’dabri,” meaning, “I speak it, therefor I create it”

The divine is not described as pouring the universe into existence
Or fashioning the universe with hands
Or building the universe up like you build a house
It is spoke into existence
Thus is the power of spoken word
Thus is the power of verse, of poetry as a creative agent to bring things from non-existence to existence

And so the central question is not so much
“Who am I?”
“Who are you?”
As metaphors, as similes, the deeper question for myself, the real question for myself is
“What do I mean?”

If I’m a metaphor, what is my reality?
What do I mean?
What do you mean? I want to know what do you mean?
Such that it’ll inform me about what I mean because I am in a context with you
So when I’m writing a poem and I put two words next to each other
Sometimes I put them next to each other to conflict with each other
And through that conflict I will express something
Or that they will compliment each other
And through that complimentary relationship I will express something

And likewise, the universe, as a great poem, what it is expressing is a collection of what we are expressing

And this is what makes me love poetry and literally see poetry everywhere

I want to give the space to whomever is seeking to express themselves to express themselves, to facilitate their expression so that I may know what they mean in the universe, and such that even they may know what they mean—things that were even hidden to themselves

The universe is a poem and we are all part of this grand poem

Our meaning is creating the meaning of the universe and the two greatest thing about this is:

1. That the poem is still unfinished and
2. It’s a love poem

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