man’s a contradiction
from epidermis friction
to soul pressured position
ones hyperbolic diction
giving patience an eviction
stereotypical prediction
of course it’s nonfiction
from a charge to a conviction
just as healthy from affliction

yet she wants to know him
he knows he wants the same
so they find themselves together
then control becomes the game

no, not control
that’s far too drastic
too conscious an act
more like guidance
to get to plastic
a perfectly suitable wrap
to become an item
with long shelf life
buried in the back of the fridge
forget the wonder
and the trust
and the intimacy bridge

friends don’t let friends skip being friends

so no she says no
he says what’s that all about?
she says know that i know
he says yeah without a doubt
in touch with her inside
leaning hard on his facts
kickstarting it together
resolution on wax

each day is a blessing
no day we live is to rush
from the touch of her fingers
to the sight of her blush
to what i must do
for me, myself and i
no matter how dope she is
no matter how fly

it’s called gratitude
and that’s right

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