i love you, lucy girl

when we’d open the door to our truck, lucy would jump in and pace until i lowered the back windows. she’d dive through to make sure she knew what was up, and how crisp the air felt on her flapping jowls.

when i was out of town for any period of time, lucy would sit at the window by our front door and wait and watch… wait and watch.

when i went through a terrible breakup, and didn’t want to leave my bed, lucy sensed my sadness and curled up next to me for the night. i whispered, “i love you, lucy girl” in her ear over and over, and in return she’d nuzzle up deeper between my cheek and pillow, wetting my face with her nose and an invariable lick.

she was my lucy girl.

when i’d yawn, lucy would lunge forward towards my mouth, as if she was attempting to crawl into my throat to be as close as possible to my soul. it was one part creepy, one part adorable.

when lucy got older, she’d vocalize every emotion she felt; from us trying to unlock the door to driving in unfamiliar territory. the noises she made were straight out of a jungle.

she was our monkey.

when she’d poo, she’d find cover behind a bush and spin in circles while constantly checking if it was working. she was both bashful and had a strong case of ADHD.

she was our lu lu

when she was a puppy, she’d lie in wait for houseflies to pass over her and BAM! snatch them out of thin air, one by one until word got around back at fly central that she wasn’t to be messed with

she was my miyagi

when i would make the mistake of leaving a bag of garbage in plain sight of lucy for more than a few hours, she would win that tussle. the garbage never stood a chance.

she was my lucyfur

when i’d take her off leash, she’d run in big or small circles, depending on the space available to her. around and around and around, and just as i’d come close to her, she’d juke one way, and go the other like a running back.

she was my little freeman

lucy couldn’t catch food for anything. SMACK! right off her nose; lucy was the pickiest eater ever; never once running to her bowl to chow down; lucy would nip everyone and guard the front door with purpose; lucy would stare at the couch, look at me, and wait however long it took for me to smack it before jumping up

lucy was a shelter dog as a three month old puppy, dominated by two larger dogs in her cage. she had a hole in one ear and a deep, fresh scar over her brow when i came upon her. the moment she walked towards me i was done for. if you ever decide to enrich your life with a dog, please save one.

lucy passed today and she was my heart. she was such a good girl…

i love you, lucy girl.