The Proof Of His Existence (I Was There)

stephen charles

Last week, on a beautiful North Carolina Sunday afternoon, I ventured out to the edge of Greensboro’s vast footprint to pick up my good friend, Stephen Charles. I had reached out a few weeks earlier to gauge his interest in me sitting in on his podcast, “Proof of My Existence,” and he seemed happy to oblige. After he ushered me into the house to introduce me to his latest gadget—he’s by far the tech geek of the two of us—we made our way back to my house downtown where we had planned to record episode #14.

Stephen is a renaissance man, with interests as vast as photography, comic narrative, brand development and fashion design, so I wasn’t surprised when I first heard that he was podcasting. His demeanor fits the sonic form, as he presents himself with a calm, measured and direct tone, which allows him to move easily from one subject to the next with a NPR’ish production vibe…and that’s exactly why I thought we’d be an interesting mix (you can figure out what that means for yourself when you listen to the show).

Enough with the intro; here’s Stephen Charles’ Proof of My Existence: Episode #14.

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