… is on arrival


complexity simplified
down to a complicated flow
while the divide grows more real
i congeal and heal slow
feel out the stitched up steel
while i revel in the real
living to merge
the floor with the ceil-ing
the door with the squeal-ing
the future of our collective knowledge of self
intellectual wealth
nourishing stealth
cost of entry is just about gone
for the taxpaying throng
so it’s time to find the other
long-lost souls
if i had my druthers
we’d frame the scene
tape the green
capture the in-between
rhyme writing poly-rhythmatic pointing machine
neutrons circling like natives to the wagon
iterating faster than the anti-matter
reverse feeding
on the atoms
on the really simple syndicates
the aggregate crowd
jumping up and down
squaring a level five as exceptionally loud
and clear
step to the rear