the power of two

painting by bijijoo
painting by bijijoo

you don’t know how to step?
no, not omega, man…
walk tall.
walk straight.
walk proud.
nothing half-baked,
straight up into the crowd.
in comes the left
to cushion the drop of the right
put it back down…
the gavels brings on the sound
of purpose
of conflation
of ceremony
of wealth
an intelligently evolved design
kansas has nothing on this stealth
means of operation
man, it’s twisted beyond belief
you got corrupt politicians
doing their shit live on cable TV!
so while heads drop accapella type shit
with no delay
i’ll drop gangster type shit
like tom delay
there are…
two sides to a coin
the same flip property on a bill
how you think this shit keeps spinning?
how you think they get up on top of that hill?
drilling deep for your consciousness
stepping through your field of vision
handing out my flyers
of truth be told derision
left and right
price the hike
stand to the side
i’ll rock the mic
when i go to sleep i know where my head is at
when i lay down for good i’ll know that i gave it back
when i walk down the street i know you don’t know my name
when i was a child i lived for the dearth of fame
politics is a sport, a vice, a betting man’s game
i gotta put this shit to bed as my girl puts this shit to shame
hold these fucks accountable
get your congressman to know your name