a timeless beauty


our elders are often described as having beautiful souls;
aged with experience…
peppered with struggle…
garnished with the gained and lost love of family and friends
beautiful souls whose eyes have seen beyond the boundaries,
but have not yet led to expression due to their place in time…
with time being the bottom-line for the struggle;
for the patience;
for the shift;
for the act;
time, the paradigm, encircles itself, hiding its phases of change and evolution.
so beautiful souls have been bound by time…
now, a soulful beauty can be stitched and wrapped within the construct of time itself,
in-tune with the paradigm of the real (of the moment),
more deeply than a beautiful soul might have been at any time in the past…
because she is experience
because she is pepper
because she is the rough of the diamond in the state of carbon,
shimmering without compression or explicit fine-tuning at the cost of humanity
a soulful beauty transcends the constraints of time
like skin on top of skin,
five levels deep.
a timeless beauty.