guilt-less trip


a longer road to travel to chance the unravel?
more satellites along the way to pass our desires through the fray?

you’ve got a look in your eyes
and with that pull on your cancer stick
it looks to be a struggling compromise
and although my lungs may be tar free
i can imagine your perspective
i can feel your degree
of conviction
of superstition
of contradiction
of mission critical

because on one level or another
it’s in my heart too
my mind goes pragmatic
my heart falls into you…

/and then i sleep/

i roll over to the waves of a deep (dream)
i see your mind begin to creep (away)
i drift past as i make my leap (of faith)
i find the distance is too steep(no more!)

of this bullshit
of this best of all worlds
of this balancing act
my heart needs to be unfurled
you see…
you’re my blistering sun
my full moon from afar
my crisp nights’ air
my shimmering star
i love you more than i can say…
more than i can say…


6 days away.