45 revolutions


the time is here
yes, now is the time
to make water out of wine
like the real extracted from rhyme

the haves and the have mores
our ceilings are their floors
while working on their secret knock
they straight up kick down doors

you see, terror is pushed nightly
to establish our core fear
an appetite for the here
and now just doesn’t matter
we’re all well fed consumers and their pockets keep getting fatter

what, you think shit is gonna change
with a dollar?
or a dream?

wipe out your eyes
unplug your ears
wake up to the screams
from indochina death teams
from nicaraguan insurgent regimes
from vietnamese bloodstreams
from terrorist state schemes

power is power
green is green

you see?

deeper than a lost soul
you find the blue collar toll
trained to corrale the buck
to scream “what the fuck!?”
when capitalism capitalizes on fear
giving proud men deaf ears

you hear?

this society makes american sheiks
who pro-actively partake in high-risk stakes
to retire by 45
no matter who wakes up or not…

a shot to the head
a timely blood clot

my feet stand firm on the floor
as they pass by in multiple takes
the tension in my body relaxes
refusing to bite on the head fakes
shots whiz by my ears and eyes
my palms face upwards to the roof
slow motion moves and prefabricated lies
so just where exactly is the proof?

in the pudding
in the whispers
in the minds
in the wind

the vinyl is simply scratched

a 45 revolution
a soon to be released patch

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  1. […] damn! straight… away the wind blew in today weeks past jazz… blues… the funk y the skunk of the streets ripped out between heartbeats the skipped hearts beat the shit out of me you still think indivisible is them with us? when they pry away your child to get on the bus don’t make a fuss. you’ve a bunch of sand people left to plug you’ve a bunch of poor, old, black people left to shrug away into the streets of decay… today yesterday cronyism in full effect a flag of death on the errect pole… are eyes blind to the killers? deaf to the ’cause?… i want you! american people, where you at? when enough is a black cat? when enough is a black cat? deja vu do you in your home? with two shots straight to the dome? no one at home? get behind the wheel the cause? we need we demand we take leadership repeal! […]


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