in the darkness she shines


i look to my left and see your smile
all the while i try to file
away my past
my stumbles
my gaffs
your eyes scream a subtle cry
try to tell me why
i can’t look away
today is the day
i step up to you standing straight
today is the day
in with the love, out with the hate
yeah, today is the day
i’m ready to say
i could leave this big city
the loss of my metrocard ain’t a pity
i’d go to the ends of the earth to be with you
if only just for a moment
it’d be time well spent
you see you have my heart
my lungs
my synapses
my tongue
back to the front
you know all about the game
i’m all about the hunt
but this time shit is for real
i never thought my wounds would heal
oh my
believe it or not
i’m puffing a natural high
one plus one equals two
fu, baby