it doesn’t end

corporate us flag

the air is thick
filled with gaseous vapor
a pulled off caper
paid with dirty green paper
manifest destiny
poured into our spongy brains as kids
screwed on tight were our corrupt gray-matter lids
our god given right to conquer and expand
moving out across the land
with a gun in our hands
just now we don’t stop at the rim of the pacific
to be more specific
our treacherous skills have become prolific
the new world order
the axis of evil
locked down borders
governments in upheaval
where do we not have our paws in the mix?
our capricious actions have become too much to fix
so on the offensive we go again
no way we rethink
no way we change the plan
the harder we push
the greater the anti-american
fostered by the actions of our self-serving
makes you and i feel powerless
seemingly unable to make a difference
just what the administration wants
apathy and indifference
maybe one person can squash the ignorance!
yeah right…
unless i’m the ceo of a faceless corporation
with bankroll to support a fledgling candidate
i’ll be stuck with my own convictions
stewing more and becoming irate
some may call it pessimism
i just call it fate.

come on people…
take a nibble on my bait.