from a to b


rolling over the lump of bed that was once you
i wipe my eyes awake and set up the groove
kick on the slips
go hit the head
jump in the shower
thinking about my bed
scrub a dub dub
moving on through the morn
off to a late start
nothing but the norm

how else do you move on from a dream to reality?
how else do you find a new cup of tea?

stepping down the stairs to the platform below
moving through the morning crowd
the world is passing on by
rumbling and loud
silent and strong
the distance is so long
between where i am and where i once was
or is that just my perception?
lost in the reflection

…of her eyes…

…the woman sitting in front of the rail map
the woman reading yoga 101: stretch or feel like crap
the woman yapping about her dog’s flee’s
the woman looking back straight through me…

i don’t know anymore
i admit i’m a bit lost
i’m afraid i think too much to keep my sanity at any cost
what i do know is that this is my stop
so i have to get off