focus young jedi


sometimes shit just isn’t plain
jane’s here one day
gone tomorrow
i thought i was ready to drop the pretenses and follow
my heart doesn’t hurt
it’s just numb as all hell
too much
too little
so i stumbled
and i fell
for a woman who had her own deal
i mean, is there really any other?
i don’t know anymore
i’m too beat down and smothered
so here i am once more
back up in the mix
but i’m not looking for a ‘hook up’
or a long term committment fix
as a matter of fact i’m not looking at all
except within myself
it’s about time i took care of my own shit
my own dreams
my own health
so a toast to the ladies of my past
who helped get me this far
the beautiful
the difficult
the exotic
you are
my heart
my soul
my passion
my desire
but i’m going back to work
so in due time i’ll reignite that fire
until then
it’s cio
au revoir
unless you want a quickie in the back of my parked car
just playin’
i’ll check you out from afar