Solaris: Thank You, Soderbergh

Every once in a while, a Sci-fi movie comes around the bend that actually makes you think:

Well, this November, the year of 2002, Steven Soderburgh has brought another gem into the fold. Solaris will probably only do 10% the gate of his remake of Oceans Eleven, but hey, that’s straight up mathamatics; only 10% of that audience will even ‘get’ this brilliantly directed and acted pseudo-remake of Andrei Tarkovsky’s epic 1972 film of the same title.

The beauty of this film, as with all great sci-fi films, is that the most challenging questions surrounding our humanity comes into play:

  • Who are we?
  • Where do we come from?
  • Do we have control over our destiny?
  • Is intelligence equitable to Godliness?

Solaris weaves through each of these questions (and more) with a plodding tempo and soundtrack, reminiscent to a heartbeat, providing the backbone of a humanistic journey of self-discovery; both on film and in the theatre itself.

Like most great filmmaking, Solaris will not provide answers, only pose questions and possibilities. It’s up to you to invest your intellect to come to your own conclusions. Be one of the 10%. It’s definitely worth the investment.