i love ny

photo by Shayna Marchese
photo by Shayna Marchese

sleep ain’t coming tonight
i’m not gonna front
no need to fight
my senses are wide open
ripped apart at the seams
i start to drift off
and then come the dreams
twisted schemes
silent screams
twin light beams
the theme it seems
is a familiar one
i’ve felt it before
and before i know it
i’m through the bedroom door
sweat on my brow
hair straight on end
i thought this wouldn’t phase me
i thought i was on the mend
but this fucking feeling won’t die
no matter how hard i try
to deal with it straight up
or look in the mirror and lie
i’m a new yorker
through to the core
but before this moment
i would’ve swore
that this was just a stint
a lease in time for me
but the bond was in place
long before the overkill of reality
before my neighbors were taken out
before allah lost part of his good name
before the skyline was raped
before the unwanted fame