kick out…

nyc grit

some days are just harder than the next
i don’t know why
i don’t write the specs
to life in the big city and the movement of the street
it’s tough just to hang and stock my fridge to eat
’cause dealing in the boroughs is a constant ride
celebrities losing status
life reborn from suicide
while millions of naked souls
pound the streets on a mission
searching for lost gold
or a warmth found through epidermus friction
some days the city is straight up black and white
good versus evil
wrong versus right
but most of the time we’re all a shade of gray
doing our thing
finding our own way
so when the city begins to loom
(as all massive entities do)
you do what it takes to get off the mat
(suck it up to make it through)
that’s what works for me
as i refuse to be pinned with a one
a two
or a three