the zone


one step down
the next is quick to follow
soon comes a pace
my shins feel brittle and hollow
as i turn the corner
wading in deeper and deeper
i can feel my heartbeat sharply rise
and get closer to the reaper
or was that him i left in the dust
as i passed that parked el durado?
yo no se mi amigo
no era probablemente nada
as my spanglish slips into overdrive
while the corner homies sip on their tequila
my thoughts begin to jump around
from my work to mi familia
my passion is found in both
as they push against one another
never meeting at the cusp
my keyboard or my brother
but spinning round and round
like the bikers wheels who just cut me off
give us time and give us a chance
and we could make a doctor’s nads go *cough*
breathing hard
i start to glide
over broken glass
out of overdrive
into neutral
i find my flow
keeping a rythym
only one way to know
if i’ll be able to keep up
this crazy notion
of a long term commitment
of my legs in motion
i’ve got years to go
in this pace against time
so down comes my left foot again
ending this zoned-out rhyme

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