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the world has changed.
no shit, glad you’ve woken up.
we don’t all drink from the same fountain
or even from the same cup
but if the music’s right
and the air is clear
why confuse the good times
with political matters
we fear
at all…
because “no fear” is a fucking brand
manufactured for morons
living in a testosterone dreamland
yeah, we’re all now awake
we now have an enemy to curse and blame
but do we really understand why
“they” burn our flag and name?
but who cares?
we’ll bomb ’em till they quit.
yeah that’s a solid tactic
a top five rotation hit
now all the brands are buzzing
pulling at our patriotic strings
the marketing is subtle
yet sick and deafening
“united” is just that
ready to serve you across the land
and since they’re so “united”
they want us to go lend a helping hand
because, you see, they’re “with us”
a part of our verbal psyche
but what if their name was continental?
or fuddruckers?
or nike?
brand opportunity
awareness at an all time high
higher than they used to go
when consumers weren’t afraid to fly
so come on out and support ’em
get the business back on track
while you’re at it buy a rolex
shit, get a new cadillac
consuming is what matters
to a society built on exploitation
i wonder what “those people” would say
if we opened up actual lines of communication?
yeah right…
too late…
it’s now all about annihilation.

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