Silicon Alley IA/IxD.
Gate City studio founder.
Emerald City design leader.

Raised by Robert and Nancy, artists and educators who engaged their world with ingenuity and a beginners mind, my home was steeped in expression — from silkscreening in the dining room to off Broadway shows in NYC to open discussions about our times, I was inundated with intention, craft, and novelty.

I began my design career as a CG artist and game designer, yet the curious nature of the internet opened my interactive aperture, seeding my journey for the next 25+ years into an exploration of problem spaces — from marketing to retail, fintech to media publishing, biotech to primary care, and a myriad of domains in-between.

With an itch to broaden further while partnering with clients out of dotmatrix studios, I founded a non-profit music collective centered around a live studio show, exposing regional talent to a global audience through professional recordings and the burgeoning connective tissue of social media.

After a move to Seattle, and leading design in three startups, I came to terms with the pragmatic reality that solutions don’t exist, only trade-offs. I’m currently nurturing my mojo back to health while creating, coaching, and consulting through Plasticity.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

Design Thoughts

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