You Must Assimilate (Bad Blogger!)

Nicholas Carr:
“…The whole reason businesses exist is to control forces that are hard to control.”
(hey Nicholas, try keeping the comment permalinks active so next time I can properly attribute your quote)


Busting out the HOWTO Corporate Blog post over a whole bunch of nothing

UPDATE: I’m putting where my money where my mouth is and picking up the X-Box 360. I’ve been a PS2 guy forever, with more than 25 games and waiting patiently for the PS3, but you know what? Sony’s DRM / Rootkit stupidity compared to Scoble’s integrity has proved to be the tipping point for me.

And I’m Mac addict! (read = Microsoft hater)

C’mon Locutus, quantify this decision with a corporate metric.

0 thoughts on “You Must Assimilate (Bad Blogger!)

  1. Don’t mistake Sony-BMG with Sony Computer Entertainment. They made a big mistake there — but honestly — if they weren’t the first one, some other big media company would have dont it.

    Seriously though — what will you consider the tipping point for Microsoft? The fact that they’ve always sold crap knowingly? You know that Microsoft had a big hand in all the negative SonyBMG publicity (at least, they profitted from it).

    IMHO, Microsoft has an even worse track-record compared to Sony (remember the early Windows versions sending all you private information?

    Remember Microsoft’s maryad of security-vulnerabilities of which it has always downplayed the dangers?

    Remember that every big virus of trojan lately exploits holes in the Microsoft OS?

    I think it was around 1997 that I kicked Microsoft the hell out of this house-hold. And it’s never coming in either.

    But — seeing some folk move to the Xbugs — also you, this scares me a little. Microsoft is more dangerous than Sony: it’s a western, white-run company out to give the US more and more power through mob-like practices like ‘Trusted Computing’ that, really Chomsky-like, mean exactly the opposite. I know you know that DRM is bad — but both platforms use this.

    I rather give Sony my money than Microsoft..

    Then again, to each his own — as long as it is a well thought-out decisision.

    Or you just bought that thing to shit on it? :)


  2. i grew up with sony. my dad was tight with bob cato, the creative director back in the day. all our electronics were sony. currently, my digital camera, game system, stereo system, 50″ wega tv (sports and movies, folks) are all sony…

    but the entire sony brand took a huge hit in my mind with the DRM bs (hey, i know apple is just as bad, but their product is too good)

    and here’s where this ties into this post… sony once felt like a family member, but we’re now in the information age, an age where i expect to be spoken with, not to, not at… not only did sony try to hijack my purchases (i bought my girl a BRMC CD with the rootkit installed) and corrupt my PC (my testbox, her jukebox), but they spit back bullshit after bullshit of sorta apologies while pushing continued rootkit renditions. that string of BB posts last year *truly* opened my eyes to their corporate, controlled ways.

    and never once, did sony make a blogger available to me… like scoble.

    now i’m NOT a fan of microsoft; for all of your reasons and a bunch of my own *fun* experiences. but you know what, at least they *get* the power of blogging. at least they have a scoble in the ‘sphere, along with close to 3000 employee bloggers… i’m not saying that the simple fact that they greenlight employee blogging will make me start buying MSFT across the board, but in this case, my sickened frustration with sony was reinforced by the shit scoble has been getting for keeping it real…

    so this ONE purchase… i feel good about it.


  3. Thanks, it’ll be fun playing Xbox against you guys.

    By the way, I interviewed the DRM team recently. I’ll have that video up soon. We talk pretty openly about evil and why they are doing what they are doing.


  4. hey robert. please feel free to keep calling out bad journalism as you see it and react however you’d like to comment threads. i really don’t know why people (your commenters, carr, etc.) are getting so worked up…

    as for DRM, i obviously get the intent, but i have one big qualification for it to be a good thing — let me use my purchase however i want in my world.

    i don’t mean in order to give away copies of (whatever)…

    but if it’s music, it had better be able to play on multiple devices and allow me to mix it up and make something new. if it’s a game system, i had better be able to modify it for my uses. as long as i own it, i want to do with it as i please. anything less than that, any hard-wiring to stop that, removes my rights at the point of purchase. if these simple qualifications can’t be met, then DRM isn’t ready for prime time and it needs to be shelved until it is…

    i’m getting amped for the x-box. a 50″ HDTV and call of duty!? heheh


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